Light rail is coming to Northgate in 2021

An opportunity to connect to Link

Sound Transit and Community Transit are developing ideas to better connect bus riders to Link, and we need your feedback!

The Northgate Link Extension adds three new Link light rail stations at Northgate, Roosevelt and the U District. When these new stations open in 2021, you'll be able to connect to Link at Northgate and enjoy fast, reliable service to downtown Seattle, University of Washington, Sea-Tac Airport and many more destinations around the region. Sound Transit and Community Transit are considering rerouting some buses to end at Northgate Station so riders can transfer to Link light rail.

Light rail moves more people in less space

Trains arrive every six minutes during rush hour

icon of one train

four-car light rail train can move 800 people

icon of 10 buses


icon of 500 cars


People wait at a Link Station to board two light rail trains.

Why connect buses to Link?

We want to offer access to this exciting new service

Our idea is to reroute some buses from Snohomish County to Northgate Station, where you could:

  • Enjoy fast, traffic-free light rail service. Get to the University of Washington in six minutes or downtown Seattle in 14 minutes.
  • Take advantage of frequent and reliable bus service to and from Northgate.
  • Save time by transferring from a bus to the light rail.

You can still catch some direct buses to downtown Seattle (no transfer at Northgate necessary).

Typical wait times at Northgate:

  • Bus to light rail: 3 to 7 minutes
  • Light rail to bus: 3 to 15 minutes

Watch a short video to see what transferring to Link would be like.

This video information is available as a Text Transcript with Description of Visuals

Proposed ideas

We're sharing our ideas

There's room for change as we continue to design routes. Here's what we're thinking:

Sound Transit

ST Express routes 510, 511, 512 and 513 (510-series) that currently run between Snohomish County and downtown Seattle would connect to Link at Northgate instead. The shorter, more reliable bus routes would run more often as a result, including more midday and weekend service.

We are not focusing on changes to ST Express Bus Route 522 at this time, but we’ll be talking about changes specific to the 522 bus in coordination with King County Metro in January 2020.

Community Transit

Community Transit routes 810, 821, 855, 860, 871 and 880 (800-series) that currently run to the University of Washington campus would connect to Link at Northgate instead. The shorter, more reliable bus routes would run more often as a result, including more midday and evening service.

Community Transit 400-series bus routes that serve downtown Seattle will continue to do so.

King County Metro

King County Metro will also restructure its service to provide connections to the University of Washington campus and nearby areas. King County Metro will be sharing plans around their proposed bus service changes in January 2020.

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Share your feedback! 

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Next steps

Project timeline

Fall 2019


Give us feedback on our ideas to connect buses to light rail at Northgate.

Winter 2020

We’ll refine our ideas based on your feedback.

Spring 2020

We’ll share updated bus service plans.

Summer 2020

Boards approve final proposal.


Northgate Link Extension opens and bus service changes start.


We’ll make additional changes to bus service when Lynnwood Link opens.

People walking on a light rail platform towards two side-by-side escalators. A light rail train waits in the background.